Micro:bit Coding Cards

I love the BBC’s micro:bit; therefore, I find ways to incorporate it into my science classroom as well as connecting it with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Since micro:bit is open-source, there are plenty of generous resources online. However, there is not a single place where students can reference when it comes to designing their projects.

So I made these summary cards that are adapted and summarized from ElecFreaks.com as our school has been sourcing their sensors. The cards are double sided. Each card can be printed and folded in half. The left side is the front page that provides a brief summary of what the sensor does. The right side provides the connection diagram and MSMakeCode.

These are supposed to be a reference and a starting point for students to build upon. For example, they can combine a number of sensors to create a SMART device. I also hope that these can be used by teachers to start combining more sensors into their projects.

This is an ongoing project as there are more plug and play sensors that are being designed, so continue to check back this space for the most updated version of these cards. Enjoy!